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Charity Nomination Form

for 501(c)(3) Organizations

Volusa County Women Who Care (VCWWC) Members ONLY. As a VCWWC member, you have a special privilege: the chance to nominate charities. To do so, you need to have donated in the previous quarter and be present and prepared to precent at the quarterly meeting if your charity is chosen. This ensures that our active members are involved in selecting and presenting charities, keeping our community engagement strong.

Attach copies of the following documentation:

  • IRS letter designating said organization as a 501(c)(3)
  • Florida Division of Corporations letter indicating said organization is a registered non-profit in Florida
  • Permit for Solicitation of Contributions, issued by Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
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Name and contact information of the nominating VCWWC Member:

(must be a member of VCWWC; must have donated the previous quarter; must be present at the quarterly meeting if chosen to present)